SI has enlisted thousands of volunteers from all walks of life, from the United States to Europe. Our volunteers are our most valuable asset and we train them so that they are equipped for their assignments. So that SI can invest as much of its resources as possible in helping those who need it, we ask US volunteers to pay their own transportation and housing costs (minimal daily cost) when they participate in SI projects.


Download Volunteer Application
Note: A background check must accompany every application.

People Make The Difference
When a disaster gets highlighted by media coverage, volunteers come from all over to work with SI. Members of communities that have been helped by SI often volunteer to help other communities devastated by disaster. 

SI volunteers get to see the world in a light that few ever do. They see homes and lives broken down in the face of catastrophe and they see the hope that restoration brings. Godly compassion breaks through linguistic, racial, and religious barriers, bringing people together in a unique and lasting way. Our volunteers get to pour out that compassion and make lasting connections with people all over the world.

SI disaster response teams are made up of people from every profession and skill level! Support personnel are also important, including people who love to cook or who can help with laundry. Everyone is welcome -- teens, retirees, housewives -- the door is wide open!  

Take The First Step
Want to be part of an SI foreign mission? Get your passport! If you're a U.S. citizen, visit www.travel.state.gov/passport for information and an application. Volunteers pay their own transportation and housing costs.