UPDATE: June 2010

Service International is home from Nashville after four weeks of clearing debris, cleaning out muck and mud, tearing out soggy drywall, treating houses for mold, and helping homeowners move forward in the flood recovery process.

SI mobilized nearly 2300 volunteers who pitched in to work at a total of 973 job sites to help their neighbors get back on their feet. Local churches, Hands on Nashville, SI volunteers, corporate teams and some out-of-state volunteers worked hard and displayed a tremendous attitude under Service International management.

Here's what was accomplished:

• Exterior debris removal was completed on 815 properties.

• In 78 houses, volunteers tore out all or portions of the interiors.

• 80 houses were treated for mold.

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers and to all of you who prayed and gave toward helping the people of Nashville recover from one of the most devastating natural disasters in decades. A special thanks to Bellevue Church of Christ, Western Hills Church of Christ and David Lipscomb University for generously accommodating Service International with facilities and service.

The Nashville Flood Relief project is an amazing demonstration of what can be accomplished by a community of people who have a mind to work and a heart to give. God bless you!

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UPDATE: May 18, 2010

Last weekend, SI's Flood Relief team of 50 volunteers from St. Louis invested two days helping Nashville residents clean up after the devastating floods - hauling debris, pulling out ruined carpets and drywall, and treating houses for mold.

SI is partnering with Nashville churches, Lipscomb University, and Hands On Nashville to mobilize local volunteers for flood recovery work. Each new group of fresh volunteers energizes and encourages the water-weary residents who are working late nights and long hours to restore their homes and neighborhoods. A group of 13 volunteers will arrive from Oklahoma on Wednesday, and we hope more local volunteers will continue to stream in.

Since SI representatives arrived on the scene in Nashville two weeks ago:
• Over 1300 local volunteers have been mobilized.
• 70 local crew chiefs have been trained.
• Teams have moved debris from the exterior of 350 homes and will start    work on another section of 125 homes this week.
• Clean-up work has been completed on the interior of 75 homes.
• The mold treatment process has begun, and, so far, 25 homes have been    treated. One hundred ten gallons more of the special non-toxic mold    treatment is on order and should arrive Thursday.


May 11, 2010

Mountains of debris

This past weekend, just four days after a "1000 Year Flood" overwhelmed Nashville, Tennessee, and surrounding communities, Service International and more than 550 local volunteers descended on devastated neighborhoods in the Bellevue area.

When SI crews arrived in one community, huge piles of debris were trapped in the common areas of a condominium complex. Volunteer teams shoveled and hauled six square blocks of flood-ruined furniture, clothing, carpet, and household items - enough to cover a football field 20 to 30 feet high - to a central location where city work crews can remove it with bulldozers and large trucks.

Next, the volunteers tackled what was left of the interiors of numerous homes, removing more debris, wet drywall, and mud, and preparing the structures for mold treatments. To date, SI has an "endless stack" of work orders, and the work teams are getting to them as fast as they can.

The volunteer response in Nashville has been wonderfully overwhelming. Ed Fasnacht, SI's Field Director, says, "The people of Nashville are amazing. Local communities are coming together and working very hard, and so much has already been accomplished in just one week -- it's nothing short of a miracle."