Kosovo Recovery
Project Kosovo




Service International has accomplished a wide range of outreach and construction goals in this war-torn nation. We began in 1999 by building temporary shelters and repairing roofs of bombed-out structures. After more than six years of working in this country, SI volunteers have rebuilt an entire village center marketplace, constructed (from the ground up) an elementary school for 350 students, and is currently conducting an annual vacation Bible School and soccer camp that provide summer fun for 1000 children in the Gjakova area.


Alongside these important projects in Kosovo, SI has established and equipped a seven-chair dental clinic with the only panoramic x-ray unit in the entire country. Every spring and fall, teams of skilled dentists, hygienists, and assistants travel from the US to Kosovo to provide free dental treatment and dental hygiene education. Thousands of widows, orphans, and minorities in the region have received care.


This year continues to offer a variety of opportunities for Service International volunteers--professionals and lay-persons alike. We invite you to be part of our outreach to the people of Kosovo and partner with us in making a difference in a small nation struggling to recover from the devastation of war.